Company & capital market law

As one of the most regulated and complex legal forms known in Germany, the listed corporation makes high demands regarding the administration of the company and requires special know-how and diligence of its bodies. Both the executive board - responsible for managing the company - and the supervisory board in its capacity as the supervising body need to align their actions to constantly changing regulations, guidelines and standards and see to it that they are abided by (compliance). Should the fail to do this, executive board and supervisory board risk losing the trust of the shareholders while liability risks and possibly even legal disputes may arise.


Michael Wagner - Attorney

With our experience and specially trained Sonntag & Partner teams/practice groups in Augsburg and Munich, we assist you in the day-to-day administration and management of your listed company. We are your contact for daily practice and are by your side especially when it comes to the proper and professional preparation and conduct of your annual shareholders’ meeting. The listed company makes for many out of the ordinary processes as well - numerous capital measures or the issue of convertible bonds as well as investor shareholding and employee participation models or squeeze-out proceedings to name but a few. Due to our in-depth expertise, we are able to give you qualified advice and support in all of these situations. Should - e.g. in the scope of rescission proceedings or shareholder claims - legal disputes arise, we offer top-quality procedural assistance in a one-stop-shop. 

Since a number of our clients are listed companies, we also have in-depth knowledge in capital market law related questions. Accordingly, we can advise you in the scope of the decision regarding an IPO and its implementation and are happy to also support you in complying with the comprehensive capital market law issues and obligations.

Our tax department and our audit company that are both as experienced when it comes to assisting - capital market oriented and listed - corporations, complete our service portfolio for corporations and we are, thus, able to offer you comprehensive and qualified support for your corporation in a one-stop shop.