non-profit status + sponsoring.

in conformity with the rules. individualized.

We advise and assist nonprofit organizations and their sponsors with comprehensive legal and tax counsel in the optimal configuration of their institution and ongoing operations. We help our clients in clarifying special questions and support them in monitoring their charitable or commercial objectives.

range of consulting services.

npo | non-profit-organisation | foundations.


We prepare the accounting, the annual financial statements, and the tax returns for nonprofit entities.

subject areas.

  • Legal form of the nonprofit entity
  • Drafting the charter documents
  • Nonprofit status
  • Tax obligations and tax exemption in value added tax and income tax law
  • Accounting obligations of nonprofit entities
  • Sources of income for the nonprofit entity and its taxation
  • Asset commitment and use of funds
  • Calculating reserves to the extent permissible under tax law
  • Activities in an honorary position
Daniel Schild
  • Team leader | wages and salaries


We offer comprehensive legal and tax advice in all aspects related to donations, in particular, with regard to nonprofit status and the correct handling of donations.

subject areas.

  • Donations as financing in connection with nonprofit status
  • Deductions from donations and use of funds
  • Formal requirements related to donation certificates


  • Legal and tax counsel
  • Applying for nonprofit status and preparing the tax return for nonprofit clubs and other entities
  • Guidance on differentiation questions and questions about the selection of the correct strategy (donation, sponsoring, loan)
  • Valuations of donations-in-kind and tax features
Prof. Dr. Andreas Katzer
  • Partner | Lawyer, M.I.L (Lund)


In established multidisciplinary teams, our specialist attorneys advise associations, clubs, and corporations on tax and legal matters, in particular, with questions on association, labor, and social insurance law.

subject areas.

  • Law of associations/federations
  • Acquisition and restructuring of stadiums and arenas
  • Contract drafting
  • Honorary positions
  • Compliance/governance
  • (Federation) arbitration proceeding and proceedings before courts of general jurisdiction
  • Reorganization and spinoffs
  • Nonprofit status questions
  • National and international income tax and value added tax law
  • Accounting, licensing
  • Sponsoring
  • Status questions under social insurance law and special questions in the case of employing foreign nationals
Prof. Dr. Andreas Katzer
  • Partner | Lawyer, M.I.L (Lund)

Wir verzahnen wirtschaftliche, steuerliche und rechtliche Aspekte und beraten fachübergreifend und auf Augenhöhe.

Wir begleiten große Familienvermögen, um langfristige Werte über Generationen zu bewahren.

Wir bieten maßgeschneiderte, praktikable Lösungen zu IT-Compliance, Digitalisierung und IT-Projektmanagement.

Wir beraten, bewerten und prüfen – national, aber auch international als unabhängiger MOORE-Netzwerkpartner.