TOP-Steuerberater 2018

The editorial board of FOCUS MONEY has carried out a nationwide test involving more than 95,000 tax consultants. Sonntag & Partner have yet again been included in the issue 17/2018 as one of Germany's leading big tax consultancy firms with details concerning the consultants' qualifications, fields of specialisation and expertise (FOCUS MONEY, issue 17/2018).

JUVE Awards 2017: Sonntag & Partner nominated as Germany's law firm of the year for tax law

The nomination was earned thanks to the local roots coupled with international tax structuring. The international tax law was expanded and exciting niches such as tax spin-off in association law were found.

Nominations in this category went to tax law firms which attract attention in the marketplace through outstanding services. The reason for the nomination can be of any nature: a personal coup or a team effort, particularly exciting tax law mandates or strategically far-sighted decisions. The development of the practice is more important than size or reputation. JUVE honours both young and promising entities and also well-established actors which have shown particularly positive developments during the course of the last twelve months.

"TOP tax consultant" once again in 2016

In 2016 Sonntag & Partner was once again chosen as "TOP tax consultant" in the FOCUS MONEY business magazine survey.

FOCUS-MONEY conducted a Germany-wide survey among tax consultants to find the top tax consultants based on the firms' own information about qualifications, specialisation and expertise. Sonntag & Partner demonstrated yet another convincing performance and was included in the magazine's list (FOCUS MONEY, 17/2016 issue).

Sonntag & Partner listed as top tax consultants again in 2015!

The tax consultancy competence test recently carried out by FOCUS MONEY for the 10th time reveals the transparency in the market. Sonntag & Partner numbers among the top tax advisers in 2015 as well and is on the exclusive list of the business magazine (FOCUS MONEY, issue 18/2015).

Focus Special: Sonntag & Partner is one of the top tax consultancy firms in Germany

Focus magazine (special edition of 24.02.2015) has established the top tax consultancy firms in all of Germany as a whole. Sonntag & Partner stood out thanks to their high level of professional competence and expertise in their fields of work: inland revenue service; conversion, restructuring and M&A; corporate succession; auditing.

Focus presented Germany's top tax consultants and auditors. The firms are listed according to 19 different fields of work and 10 branches of industry throughout Germany. The list of the top firms is based on recommendations made by tax consultants and auditors from all over Germany. Selection was based on the frequency of recommendations by colleagues. An additional assessment criterion was the formal additional qualifications in each field of work and branch of industry the individual members of the profession have.

Survey by FOCUS MONEY business magazine: Sonntag & Partner also listed among the top tax consultants in 2014

FOCUS MONEY business magazine conducts a national tax consultant test every year in collaboration with the Europäisches Institut für Steuerrecht. In 2014 too Sonntag & Partner numbered among the top tax consultants and appeared on the exclusive list (FOCUS MONEY, issue 15/2014). Expertise on tax matters, specialisation, know-how and business success were assessed and, above all, the quality of the firm's work.

Excellent consultants: Sonntag & Partner again listed among the top tax consultants in a survey conducted in 2013 by FOCUS MONEY business magazine

This year the editors of FOCUS MONEY again looked for the top tax consultants in a national survey of tax consultants. Those it considers to be particularly specialised were included on an exclusive list (Focus Money, 7/2013). Details on qualifications, area of specialisation and success were taken into account. The questions were developed in collaboration with the Europäisches Institut für Steuerrecht, the technical questions with auditors.

JUVE Awards 2012: Sonntag & Partner awarded "German Law Firm of the Year for Mittelstand businesses"

Sonntag & Partner has been awarded this year’s top prize in the category of "German Law Firm of the Year for Small to Medium Enterprises and family owned Businesses" – the so-called German “Mittelstand” segment. The prize was awarded to the firm on 25 October 2012 during a prestigious ceremony which took place in the historic opera house in Frankfurt.

According to the laudation „the firm has realized an impressive growth over the last years and is today one of Germany’s top legal advisors for “Mittelstand” businesses. In terms of quality, client relationship management and the portfolio of legal services offered, Sonntag & Partner enjoys a competitive positioning that in many categories allows it to fully compete without any difficulty with the big law firms. As a result, the firm enjoys a very high degree of client satisfaction and sustainable client growth in the German “Mittelstand” segement.”

JUVE Awards 2012: Sonntag & Partner nominated again

Sonntag & Partner is once again nominated for the JUVE Award 2012 "Law Firm of the Year for family owned and medium-sized businesses". After the nomination in 2008 this is already the second one in this category since the introduction of the Awards in 2004. The nominations have been awarded based on the enquiries of the JUVE editors for the JUVE Handbook 2012/2013 who have made their elections on the basis of information compiled in various thousands of interviews and polls with clients, partners, high potential lawyers and judges. The JUVE editors put a special focus in their analysis and nomination of the awardees on an evaluation of the professional expertise, on strategic concepts, service orientation and future potential.

FOCUS MONEY Finds Top Tax Consultants at Sonntag & Partner

Sonntag & Partner was again granted an award by FOCUS MONEY in 2011

In a nationwide survey of tax consultants, the FOCUS MONEY editorial department searched for top tax consultants and for that purpose gathered information on qualification, specialism and know-how. Sonntag & Partner again made a convincing impression and was included in the exclusive list of the magazine.

In their search for the most attractive employers for jurists in Bavaria, the career magazine published by the well-known JUVE Verlag cannot overlook Sonntag & Partner. Our firm was actually nominated in two categories for the azur Award 2011: there were top marks in the sections "training and development" and "career and family" / "work-life balance", after all the firm does stand for individual working time models, family friendliness and moderate working hours.

But especially the internal training and development possibilities available within the S&P Academy "are on a par with major law firms" (azur100, Top Employers 2011, p. 193). Internal and external instructors train our employees in a "well devised training programme" (azur100, Top Employers 2011, p. 222) in both inter-disciplinary specialist issues and also soft skills.

Nomination for the “medium-sized law firm of the year 2008“ JUVE Award

JUVE is the publisher of a leading weekly German magazine that informs about current developments and trends of the legal industry and publishes a reference guide of German corporate law firms. There are 17 award categories and five law firms nominated for each of them. The nomination is the result of numerous interviews with colleagues, judges and clients.