corporate law.

We assist companies and entrepreneurs in every phase of their economic activity.
The consulting services of our team:

  • Founding the company
  • Developing shareholders' agreements for all forms of German and European companies
  • Preparing, conducting and assisting with shareholders' meetings and other resolutions
  • Mergers | liquidations
  • Proceedings to contest resolutions
  • Judicial and extrajudicial shareholders' disputes
  • Management and employee participation model
  • Raising and maintaining capital through financing and investment models
  • Restructuring | Reorganization
  • Corporate governance

range of consulting services

employee profit participation.

employee profit participation.

We develop and optimize management and employee participation models on the backdrop of government subsidies and the positive impacts and incentives within the company.
corporate law implementation.
tax audits.
carry models.

corporate law implementation.

Employee participation as a tool for attracting, committing, and motivating valuable talent.


  • Structuring an appropriate employee participation model
  • Development of virtual participation models with various participation options
  • Accepting employees into the shareholder structure or granting share options
  • Support in the event of an employee's departure from the company and its participation model
  • Support in the ongoing management of the participation model
  • Establishing the corporate law prerequisites for granting shares to employees

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