start ups.

multidisciplinary consulting.

There is a lot of excitement around startups. This is due to their nature because new beginnings are of course also a new adventure. Experienced guides with a substantial amount of knowledge about the rough edges of founding companies are welcome partners. Exactly what our specialist consultants are for startups. We guide our clients safely past stumbling blocks, over difficult barriers and through possible impediments. For example, we provide advice on the appropriate legal entity form, on taxes, digital accounting or third-party investments, and subsidies. Startup are in the best hands with us. Our specialist attorneys work for you in individually assembled teams with commitment, creativity and competence.

range of consulting services.

digital accounting | processes.
tax (formation) consulting.
assistance with third-party investments | subsidies.

digital accounting | processes.

When setting up new processes in applying your own accounting, you should have a capable partner who ensures that these processes are optimally developed and comply with all legal requirements.


  • Creating digital accounting
  • Digital payment
  • Preparing process documentation
  • Employee training
  • Illustration of the parameters that the utilized accounting software must fulfill
  • Identifying the existing interfaces
  • How processing without media interruptions is possible
  • How one's own accounting can be prepared in the most efficient manner
  • Adopting the complete accounting
  • Support in efficiently processing accounting in the re-launch of your procedures
  • Monitoring your procedures related to complying with the GOBD
Jörg Seidel
  • Partner | Tax consultant

tax (formation) consulting.

Our specialized consultants advise business founders on the optimal legal structure and taxation by way of experienced specialists.

subject areas.

  • Selection of an advantageous and appropriate legal form.
  • Modes of taxation for legal entity forms.


  • Consultation meeting
  • Economic consulting (business plan)
  • Assisting with the founding process (notary, banks, tax office, other regulatory authorities)
  • Litigation consulting
Robert Schäble
  • Partner | Auditor, Tax consultant

assistance with third-party investments | subsidies.

Don't give away your money—use our knowledge around all of the possibilities that may serve you in founding your company.

subject areas.

  • Business management consulting
  • Tax consulting
  • Ratings
  • Investment planning
  • Financing planning
  • Selecting a legal form
  • Participation in bank meetings
  • Support in filing applications
  • Consulting on subsidy offers
  • Advise on calculation questions
Robert Schäble
  • Partner | Auditor, Tax consultant

Wir verzahnen wirtschaftliche, steuerliche und rechtliche Aspekte und beraten fachübergreifend und auf Augenhöhe.

Wir begleiten große Familienvermögen, um langfristige Werte über Generationen zu bewahren.

Wir bieten maßgeschneiderte, praktikable Lösungen zu IT-Compliance, Digitalisierung und IT-Projektmanagement.

Wir bringen die Steuerberatung in das 21. Jahrhundert. Digital, modern, medienbruchfrei und am Puls der Zeit.

Wir beraten, bewerten und prüfen – national, aber auch international als unabhängiger MOORE-Netzwerkpartner.