Multidisciplinary specialist teams individually assembled for every assignment assist companies and groups and provide consulting with extensive expertise and structured cooperation.

range of consulting services.

group taxation.
group tax law.

group taxation.

All-inclusive counsel for (inter-)national companies and groups with respect to optimizing their overall tax situation.

subject areas.

  • Optimizing group structures
  • Utilizing structuring options for the taxation of groups of companies
  • Request for a continuation of book values from the tax office
  • Implementation of the restructuring processes in the annual financial statement, the E-balance sheet and in tax returns
  • Process the impact of restructuring on the group of companies
  • Assess the applicability of a continuation of book values
  • Monitoring blocking periods
Andrea Seitz
  • Partner | Tax consultant

group tax law.

Group taxation is carried out on an individual basis. For this purpose, all changes in legislation must be considered.


  • Group tax planning and development of a tax strategy
  • Loss carryforward, interest deduction ceiling, cross-border issues
  • Consulting with regard to profit tax and value added tax consolidated groups
  • Consultation for ascertaining deferred taxes in the group
  • Examination of compliance with statutory regulations in carrying out profit and loss transfer agreements
  • Develop approaches for compensating for, where applicable, multiple taxation in a group
  • Conduct tax projections at the group level and deduce appropriate measures
  • Support in calculating the deferred taxes in the group financial statements and develop relevant issues
  • Country by country reporting
  • Ascertain and document transfer prices in conformity with the arm's length principle
Joachim Mairock
  • Partner | Auditor, Tax consultant

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